How should I price my book?
Posted by Sheryl: Team Leader on 04 November 2013 07:09 PM

The typical price - is 7.99 to 9.99. This is the best range of prices on paperback sales in general.

The best price in depends on what you would like to get in turn per sale.

So assume you price the book at 4.99 on our platform, then we will do this - (4.99 + print costs ) = A then A x 2.2222 = Price.

This way when the book is priced at wholesale price then when all discounts and fees are taken then you will receive $4.99 in revenue per sale.

So its best to price the content and not the format. Typically print costs are calculated as  $2.50 + (number of pages x 0.02) That's standard.


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