Why do my books show up on Amazon when I unchecked that option?
Posted by Sheryl: Team Leader on 21 September 2014 05:05 PM

There are two ways that we distribute your books – first we use both CreateSpace & Ingram Content Group. We use CreateSpace from time to time to avoid Amazon putting “Available in 1 to 2 days” and to have the “in Stock” button which sometimes affects the ordering process as buyers will likely opt for the faster delivery times. So when you deselect Amazon – we do not post your books to CreateSpace – giving you the opportunity to publish your own books to CreateSpace. When your book is distributed by CreateSpace they send a digital listing of all the books it has in stock to Amazon.Com the retailer. Amazon will then list your book for sale – using the ISBN that is assigned by CreateSpace.

However we also distribute through Ingram Content Group. Ingram will create a digital listing of all the books it has in stock. This will include your book. Your book will have an ISBN assigned by Speedy Publishing. That digital is taken by all retailers INCLUDING AMAZON.COM. Amazon.Com will then list your book for sale with the Speedy Publishing assigned ISBN.

This means that your book will appear twice on Amazon.Com but ONLY ONCE on the other 35,000 retailers Ingram sends the digital listing to as well.
Ingram does NOT have the ability to tell Amazon.Com NOT to list your book – the only option is to remove the book from the feed entirely which would then make your book unavailable to the 35,000 retailers.

One way of getting around this is to publish to Speedy Publishing first and then obtain our ISBN. Then you can use that ISBN to publish your own on CreateSpace.
This should prevent the duplicate book issue.

So in reality there is NO way to segment the Ingram feed and prevent Amazon from not getting your book.

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